The Squiggly Line is the blog of Steve Hopkins, whose focus is on making good stuff happen in organisations and the community.

He is a member of the Customer Engagement team at Yammer, the enterprise social network. He helps organisations in Sydney and the Asia Pacific region grow innovative and learning cultures through their use of Yammer. He is also a founding member of the Awesome Foundation Sydney.

After graduating from the RMIT BBE (Bachelor of Business, Entrepreneurship) he has worked for organisations such as World Vision Australia, Ergo Consulting, Ai-Media and the Australian Davos Connection (ADC), delivering a number of different brainstorms, products, projects and new initiatives across 5 years of ‘work.’

Raised a passionate Melbournian, Steve currently resides in Sydney and can be found hanging out with #samehumans and drinking good coffee.

You can contact Steve by email at steve@thesquigglyline.com or follow him on twitter or LinkedIn, or see his photos on Flickr.

Yammer Bridge

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