I enjoy speaking at a variety of events and conferences, where I normally speak about responsive organizations and the future of work. Here’s some of my previous gigs.

Resources for Humans Interview
How Culture Amp Approaches Org Design and the Need for Real-Time Employee Feedback

Responsive Conference Closing Keynote 2017
Being Culture First

Microsoft Kick-Off 2013
How to play hockey and succeed with Yammer (Ignite talk)

Participatory Revolution 2013
Eliminating Silos: How we make things, is more important than what we make

Case Study
Discussing Yammer’s completion of Anecdote’s Storytelling For Leaders program

Hub Sydney Working in the Park, 2012
You make what you are.

Connected Enterprise, 2012
Helping geographically dispersed employees and teams to connect, share, discuss and innovate

Connected Enterprise. 2012
Panel: Collaboration Readiness – designing the social workplace

University of Sydney, 2012
Guest Lecturer: The Yammer Development Methodology

Melcrum’s Digital Communications Summit
The SNEP model.

Social Media World, 2012
Panel: The future of social media – How to use an internal social networking strategy

Social Media World, 2011
How to use an internal social networking strategy