I'm moving to Sydney

About a month ago, I was faced with a decision. Move up to Sydney and work full time on an amazing opportunity with Ai-Media to end disability, or stay in Melbourne and try to find something else. It’s nice to be able to say that when Tony Abrahams offered me the gig in Sydney, it didn’t take long to say ‘Most definitely. Count me in!’


I’m going to work with Ai-Media in the role of Ecosystems Coordinator. This is essentially a continuance of the work I’ve been doing with Ai-Media over the past year. We’re working on providing access to classroom education for deaf children in Australia, as well as considering other innovations that can provide access and inclusion to disabled people all over the world.It’s an exciting time, in an exciting company that I’m very proud to be involved in. My role will, as before, focused on building the ecosystem (both internally and externally) to help make this happen. I’m relishing the challenge that it brings, and look forward to chatting more with you about what we’re trying to achieve in the future.

At this stage, I’ll be moving to Sydney next week (March 1st) and am still searching for somewhere to live. Should you know anyone with a room for rent who you think I would get along with, please drop me a line at steve@thesquigglyline.com or comment below. A short term stint, even on a couch, is probably my preferred option as I look to get settled in.I’m looking forward to meeting the growing and vibrant Sydney start-up and jelly communities and can’t wait to meet many of the people I’ve been following from afar for these past few years. I plan on commuting back down to Melbourne often to keep in touch with many of the exciting projects and people that are doing their best work here currently. I’ll still be involved in Trampoline Melbourne, which we will have more information on shortly.

Thanks to Tony and the crew at Ai-Media for the opportunity to change the world and to my friends and family for their continued support in taking on such a big opportunity and life change. It’s something I look forward to sharing with all of you as it continues to develop.  You can follow along with access issues by following @accessinclusion on twitter.