3 practices for conscious leadership

My friend and mentor, Ron Laurie, shared something with me a few months ago that I’ve continued to think about since. It’s a great white paper written by Barrett Brown, of Meta Integral, about the Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism. The whole paper is excellent and talks through many ideas about how more conscious leadership is developed both by leaders themselves and by external actors upon those leaders. For this post, I wanted to share just a simple snippet of one set of tools used in that process.

From the paper, emphasis mine –

“(Leaders) also all had a suite of personal, vertical learning practices to cultivate their own awareness and expand their thinking. This included meditation, journaling and coaching. They used all three of these tools regularly to reflect, take a balcony view, challenge the stories they were telling themselves, and find as deep a perspective as possible.”

I’ve been coming back to this simple advice often since reading the paper. It’s very simple, yet very powerful when applied consistently. The challenge, as always, is to apply it consistently.

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