Searching for Work – Does this exist?

So, with my contract at World Vision expiring shortly (September 28th, I believe) the time has come to begin searching around for other alternatives should they not have any more work for me. As I have begun my search, I have struggled to find any relevant search engines which allow me to better to find cool projects/companies looking for someone to be involved on a PT/contract basis. I hit upon this post at Freelance Switch which has a massive list of such search engines. However, many of the sites here were for techies, creative’s or designers.

When I found the staid I was pleasantly surprise by the number of returns I got when searching based on words like ‘business case opportunity evaluation’. The next stage, however, broke me down again and reminded me why I hate web job engines generally, as well as the dam HR Recruitment companies which use them.

Most job posts DON’T TELL YOU WHO THE WORK IS WITH!!! Some do, and I bet if any serious research was carried out we would find more (and better quality) responses to a position posted by the company itself, rather than a HR Recruitment company. I automatically discard any position with the phrase “our client is, great opportunity to join a leading IT company“ etc etc largely because for me, the company and engagement is much more important than the role. If it was such a great opportunity, then there would be no qualms about publicising WHO the client was! This is why I hate type engines so much.


So I got to wondering – is there a site where jobs are posted strictly by the companies themselves? And on this site, can people comment about the posting, asking for more information about the role/company/wage/application periods? And if it doesn’t exist…why not!!! In a world where the Creative Class is utilising social networking more and more, and feels more inclined to comment and converse online, it makes sense that this kind of site would exist.

So, does anyone know if such a site exists?


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