Micro Sites – some thoughts on new media and blogging

Not to long ago, I had the priveledge to hear Nick Cummins from the Sputnick Advertsing Agency about social media and the new ways they are generating word of mouth excitment around people’s brands. (eg, like this) It came to mind today as I was in a meeting earlier in the morning about how we could create a user-generated-content site for World Visions Field experts, allowing them to share info and the like.

Anyways, Nick had some brilliant insights about the way he thought the whole user generated content thing was going. He talked about Micro-sites, and how many companies that are leading in the web space were now creating micro sites for each different brnad. Duh, I hear you say – but think about it. I’m not talking different pags…but different sites…whole new sites and brands for each niche. Nike do it very well (like this and this). In relevance to the whole social media thing, he thought that most companies and orgs will soon be blogging (if they are not already), and each blog and facet of social media life will make up another micro-site. Stir, the World Vision youth site, is a great example of a user-generated, microsite completely branded and seperate from the World Vision machine.

This will/is happening personally too. Hands up if you have any of the following accounts…Facebook, del.icio.us, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace.


Each one is a micro site, totally dedicated to your ‘brand.’ I love the concept, and reckon it will be quite an influential kernal as time goes on.

How can you micro-site yourself? Any other examples of microsites/brands and where does this lead us as a society? Check out the Sputnik website, it is an ace example of how to match and engage with your audience…a topic for another day.

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