Lions, Tiger and Bears: Silly thoughts on CSR

I was reading the Fin Review this morning and came across their CEO Poll, which asked some of Australia’s largest companies CEO’s questions about the economy, the challenges for the year and their opinions on climate change.

Foxtel’s Kim Williams climate answer:”Foxtel’s climate change motto is: switch off, reduce, reuse, recycle, ride, walk, car pool, bus it or train it. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality and an active approach to energy reduction in relevant technologies in the course of the next couple of years. We have a real road-map and action plan.

“Sure you do……which is why your ‘motto’ rips off pretty much every other green solution tag line their is. If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing.

Clearly, Foxtel don’t get it. My experience is that companies that do ‘get CSR’ (if that is even possible) don’t try to cover all bases. Their language is simple, their aims reasonable, their achievements real and their PR constructive. The whole CSR thing is still very grounded in spin and rhetoric – which is why we are all experiencing a fair dose of green wash at the moment. I just wish companies would keep their mouth closed until their organisational brains had engaged the issue. Their is nothing wrong with working towards a position on climate change. Their is something wrong with not doing the thinking in the first place.

If Foxtel actually did the thinking, they could come up with some kick-arse ideas to help move the country further down the climate-change road. If you were Kim Williams, what would you do? I’ll post some thoughts in 3 days or so…what are your ideas?

2 thoughts on “Lions, Tiger and Bears: Silly thoughts on CSR

  1. Damn straight – there should be a “Green Wash Watch” established… we should arm GWW with green water pistols. We should put acid in the water pistols

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