Microsoft vs Google on my laptop

I just downladed Skype as my laptop hasn’t had it on since it was wipped. In doing so, I was asked if I wanted (read, forced to) upload the Google toolbar to my Internet Explorer. Well, for those of you familar with the Vista opperating system…and the famous Allow, Allow, Allow Microsoft vs Mac ads, you will know what is happening. Everytime the google toolbar want to do something, Microsoft ie7 responds by not allowing it.

Which leads to this constant face-off between Microsoft and Google, on a micro scale, on my laptop every 5 minutes.

 Talk about market competition!!!

3 thoughts on “Microsoft vs Google on my laptop

  1. then again, there is a message here.

    the MS platform is one for business, and for marketing things you may ( or most likely, may not) need.

    if you want a machine for innovation and productivity…get a mac!

    no viruses..

    still gets spam though

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