Trampoline Melbourne

In about two weeks, Melbourne will play host to the first Trampoline event on the planet with 100 minds coming together for a day to share what they find amazing. In the tradition of BarCamps and other Unconferences, the agenda for the day will be created by the participants. Pat has already talked about Trampoline on his blog, here.

Trampoline is something that myself, Mel, Pat and Bei have come to after we realised that the most energising discussions were ones that took place between energised people who were constantly amazed by something in this wide wide world of ours. Trampoline is an event being held with that in mind. We want people from all disciplines and schools of thought to come together on one day here in Melbourne and discuss what it is in this world that they find amazing. You don’t need to be an expert – you can see some people beginning to think about what they will discuss and present. We have also secured the fantastic Donkey Wheel (the red-brick building in the picture below) venue for the occasion, which promises to make it an extra-ordinary event! Already, I can’t wait!

Donkey Wheel Building

I encourage you to come along and join in the conversation. The day promises to be full of insights and new things to play with, as well as a great bunch of people to meet and share time with. But do be quick to register for Trampoline, as it is limited to 100 participants and we are already two-thirds of the way there.

5 thoughts on “Trampoline Melbourne

  1. Hi Simon,

    The event went really well. There has been some great feedback and I think everyone who attended found it god fun.

    Keep your diaries clear – we will be holding Trampoline #2 in October, 2009. 🙂

  2. Did you consider a podcast or other recording of the event? It would be interesting to hear and might spark some ingenious innovation for those of us inclined.

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    Yup, great idea. The problem with the footage we have captured is the time it takes to put into a web friendly format, which I’m sorry to say neither I or the other guys who participated in Trampoline have been able to commit just yet.

    The next Trampoline is taking place on October 24th and we are going to try again and get some content up – we may even push the responsibility on to the speakers themselves and get them to bring a USB stick so they can upload it all individually.

    Hopefully, more information and news as it materializes.

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