Peer producing a Trampoline presentation

Trampoline is next week, and that’s very exciting for a whole host of reasons. Last Trampoline, I presented in a session in the afternoon on Biomimicry, but didn’t give it the justice the topic probably deserved. This time, I’m very excited to be working on a presentation with Xavier Shay which stemmed from the email discussion that went around the google group a couple of months ago about money, currency and the financial system.

So, we’re presenting on that topic. At the moment, that’s about as much as we know. But we’ve decided to do a Fred Wilsonand open up our presentation topic so you can feed in your ideas about the topic.

To contribute to the presentation, simply head to the wiki that’s been set up and edit as you like. There isn’t anything there yet (I’ve only just set it up)  – all the more reason to contribute your thoughts! A huge thanks in advance for any contributions you do make. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Peer producing a Trampoline presentation

  1. It’s okay if you’re not an economist! @xshay and I aren’t either. But we’re giving it a go because we find it amazing 😉

    Also, you and I both know you’ve already contributed a fair few ideas to the concept anyways.


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