Trampoline videos now online

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to write this blog post today and point everyone to the new Trampoline Vimeo Channel, on Vimeo. The last Trampoline was run in late October and many of the talks shared on the day still resonate with me now. Talks like Dan Donahoo speaking about Edge TheoryPeter Spence speaking about Intergenerational Learningand, one of my favourite sessions from the day, Matt Cashmore discussing the possibility of the first 1000 year old human having just been born.

Matthew Cashmore from Trampoline Melbourne on Vimeo.

We will be adding more video, from both Trampoline 1 and Trampoline 2, over the coming months. A big thanks to everyone that brought cameras to the events, and to Chris and James at Visionary Canary for helping us make this happen. Also, a massive thanks to Nathan at Inspire9 for hosting the videos on his server pre-vimeo.

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