It's so basic, it's an acronym.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to get started on a new (epic) project, it can be tough to get traction right away. We always have a lot of questions we ask ourselves.

“How should I think about this?”

“This is really hard. I should think about this.”

You know the ones. Don’t make starting harder than it needs to be. We face a lot of complexity in life – much of it cannot be planned for. The guys from 37signals say business plan should be called business guesses because of the absurd nature for us to expect we can rationally guess where our project will be in 5 years time. I agree – but that’s no excuse to not be strategic in what your doing.

A good way to be strategic, without writing a massive business ‘guess’, is to just use simple acronyms to keep your thinking defined, and moving. Need a PR strategy? Use ROPE. Need a social media strategy? You can’t go past POST. Need a competitor analysis? Do a Blue Ocean Strategy. You don’t need a business strategy…you just need the first mission plan to give your project momentum.

Don’t sit in your chair all day stewing over the best way to structure your thoughts. Use an acronym, and just get started.

3 thoughts on “It's so basic, it's an acronym.

  1. A great post Steve –
    and particuarly useful as a work mate and I drown in reams of research, strategy, planning, butchers paper and notes about where to go next!

    As a student of PR, I’m familar with and really like using ROPE where I can. The fact that it starts with Research and finishes with Evaluation is good for me because I’m pretty poor at doing both of those things!

    We’ve been looking at our strategy and planning now and there are simple soooo many ways to cut it that we end up asking more questions that we’re answering.

    When we look at things from audience, channel, approach, product, call to action, community etc – you can start to see how we’re having a bit of time with it. I think we need to find our “EPIC” idea and get on with it!

  2. Hey @nige

    Thanks for the comment – like you, I prefer the ROPE methodology because I often get carried away with the other bits. It just helps me focus a little more – glad you’re a fan too!

    Good luck with the ‘getting on with it’ – you’ll make it epic no worries


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