It's 2010

I’m lucky enough to be working with the very talented Bruno Mattarollo, from Pollenizer, at the moment. He often says the following sentence…”…of course we can do that…it’s 2010″

Technology is progressing at a phenomenal pace – we all know this. There is Moores Law, which states that processing power on computers doubles every 18 months or so. Karim Temsamani, at ALR last year, mentioned that the internet had grown 270 times since 2005. Email is something you can access anywhere and if you want to put up a website today, you can using any one of a number of tools like WordPress, Blogger or Posterous.

More importantly though, is our attitude towered this pace of development and how we will make political, societal and organizational decisions based on this.

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, is a great person to listen to for some ideas about this – this short video from a recent presentation is indicative of his thoughts on where technology is going, and how we might make these kinds of decisions.

Realise that no matter what happens tomorrow, it is 2010 today and that for WHATEVER you’re doing, there is a way to make that happen right now. It’s 2010, after all.

4 thoughts on “It's 2010

  1. Love it Steve, particuarly Eric’s response:
    “Web 2.0 is marketing speak and you’ve just made up Web 3.0”

    Yep, we’re in 2010 but I’m also often ambivalent about the potential and then the reality of what comes out – but that’s no need to stop trying!

    Thanks for the booster – it is 2010 and we can do cool stuff, easily.

  2. Thanks @nige for the comment. I think you nail a critical point – we just have to keep trying to recognise this new reality that we all live in and make the best use of it as a society as we can.

    That takes effort and an approach that always looks to maximise the gains in new technologies as they become relevant.

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