Open letter to Australia’s social innovators

Hi everyone,

I wanted to touch base with you because I know how much everyone is keen to see and promote socially innovative activities which directly lead to great outcomes. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the kickstarter campaign that Melina Chan is running to set up a social enterprise cafe in Battambang, Cambodia. It’s amazing stuff.

From the site:

“The cafe building already hosts a successful grassroots peer-learning program and co-working space that serves as a base for fledgling film, dance and community development groups…With funds from a Kickstarter campaign we’ll be able to smarten up our space, procure a fine looking refurbished espresso machine, and train and salary four local staff to run a thriving ideas cafe.”

It’s Christmas time and our bank balances are all a little lower than we would like, but it’s important that we help make projects like this a reality. Melina is in Cambodia, actually making this stuff happen and as you can see when you watch the video, is already making a huge impact on peoples lives in Battambang. Whilst your help in sharing and informing your friends is worthy, what is really need to make this project a reality is cash…cold hard cash.

Let’s bond together, donate what we can and really help make this Cafe in Cambodia something the social innovation community here in
Australia can be proud of.

Kindest regards,

Steve Hopkins

4 thoughts on “Open letter to Australia’s social innovators

  1. What if I create and donate items of clothing, or bags or framed artwork that we could auction as a fundraiser at a charity ball for the cause? or something similar…

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