The Awesome Foundation Sydney

The Awesome Foundation is a collection of people around the world who look to support awesome projects each month. There are chapters in Boston, Berlin, San Francisco and, more recently, Melbourne. Today, we’re announcing that Bruno Mattarollo and I are forming the Awesome Foundation Sydney, and will be looking for 10 micro-trustees for the founding board.


What is the Awesome Foundation?

The Awesome Foundation gives $1000, no-strings-attached, grants to people and projects that are awesome; whether that be in music, arts, science, publishing…anything, so long as it’s awesome!

Every month we will get together over dinner and put $100 cash each into a brown paper bag. This grant is then awarded to an awesome project of the boards choice. You can read more here, in the FAQ.

Globally, The Awesome Foundation has awarded grants of over $30,000 to awesome projects, like:

How can I be involved in Awesome Sydney?

Email Bruno ( or Steve ( and let us know if you’re interested in becoming a micro-trustee. We will be selecting the founding board of 10 people sometime in late February.

You can see what’s going on with the Awesome Foundation by following @awesomefoundsyd or the global @awesomefound on twitter, or by checking out the Awesome Foundation website.

12 thoughts on “The Awesome Foundation Sydney

    1. Hi Tiara,

      Yes and no – we’re looking for 10 people to be the founding
      microstrustees by late Feb.

      We’re not taking applications for grants just yet, but will be once we
      have the board in place.

      Thanks for the question! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Well done guys, so glad to see Awesome Foundation happening in Sydney. Tempted to apply to be on the board but as I’m living in San Francisco I wouldn’t be able to attend any of the dinners which would be no fun. I want in when I get home though!

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