Holding on tight

Holding on tight

I hold on too tight. I’ve had a somewhat personally frustrating month and I’m not quite sure why. I think it’s been mainly frustrating because I’ve felt powerless, perhaps thinking I’m owed too much or that ‘things’ are against me. I’ve recently taken this out on those closest to me, the ones I’ve loved most. It’s a strange sensation.

This week Edward Harran, Janet Hopkins and I ran the Mental
Health Unconference
and I was reminded again of how sometimes I hold on a little too tight. My dedication to my own scope and ideas, sometimes caused me to miss opportunities for greater depth and understanding.

Holding on tight

Ross reminded me of this even tonight, when I was holding back posting a blog post announcing the Awesome Foundation Sydney founding board. Even then, I held back to maintain power over what I thought was best. 

“Wait till tomorrow,” my inner ego said.
“More people will see it then.”

I’ve always meant to put up a post about a question Rose and I discuss often: what holds you back? 

In these times, where there is uber-complexity everywhere it’s a helpful little reminder to me about remembering that crucial question; what holds you back? In an agile sense, it presents itself in one of the three questions asked in every huddle – what’s blocking you from achieving the next action item?

I’ve always held off writing the post, because I could never think of what it was that *actually* held me back. 

Now, I think I know. I hold
on too tight.

We live in probably one of the luckiest positions in this planets history. Never before have ‘humans’ controlled our domain so well, and not since the dinosaurs has a species so completely conquered the earth. Global warming aside, it’s a bloody great time to be alive and there are a fantastic crew of people here to be a part of that with. It’s no cake walk, but I wouldn’t want to swap my tickets for the show we’re seeing now for anything.

So what holds you back? What are you holding on tight to? What would happen if you let go? If you embraced simplicity over chaos and trusted in your own resilience? I’m gonna give it a go. I might even join Xavier for his Mindful March and see if that helps at all. It certainly can’t hurt.

So, what holds you back? 

10 thoughts on “Holding on tight

  1. I know how you feel! Waiting for the “right” moment when it’s usually right then when you are inspired about it.

    Would love to have you join us for Mindful March 🙂

    1. Thanks Xavier! Yeah, I think I will try Mindful March – I’m also running
      Health Month this March, so it will integrate nicely.

      I’ll email you to get on the private list?


  2. Fear of ‘real communication’ because it will defend peoples prejudices. The truth is too often a last resort at the expense of what is ‘real’.


  3. Thanks for finally writing your post on the oft discussed question, Steve. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to read it tonight – and that I can better answer the question of “what’s been holding me back” for so many years . . . and that I am confident those same things, those same self-perceptions are NOT holding me back any longer. One control I’m not willing to let go of: control of my own mind and what I will allow it to say to my soul. MINDFULNESS IN ACTION for sure! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Terrisa 🙂 I really like that – that you maintain
      control over your mind and not let that go. That’s a really beautiful way to
      look at it all!

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Hey Steve, Just wanted to say that I loved this post. I often feel as though I’m holding on too tight and the tricky thing is, it’s only in retrospect that I’m able to gain such perspective!

    I hadn’t heard about Xavier’s latest lifestyle experiment and decided to join in and so far, am enjoying the community of practice immensely!

    So, thanks!


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