Trampoline, everywhere.

The latest Trampoline ran yesterday at Circus Oz and once again it was a brilliant lot of fun and wonderment for me. These events have come to define my calendar and define different themes for me over the 3 or so years we’ve been running them. The first Trampoline focused lots on the different types of social technologies that were sweeping the community, including twitter, foursquare and others. The following Trampolines, whilst never actually having a theme other than ‘sharing what you find amazing,’ have all often collectively focused on specific themes; from complexity theory, health, nutrition and minimalism. 

Yesterday, I felt one of the themes running through the various sessions was language; from Keith De La Rue’s session on the power of conversations, John Barton’s how to program session (reprised from an earlier Trampoline by demand), my own session on Language, Anton’s session on HipHop meditation and Melina Chan’s session on finding home. All dealt with the idea of language and what that means – from talking to computers to talking to ones self through HipHop.

It was exciting yesterday to announce that we’re now looking to have the language of spread to places other than Melbourne. It’s been a poorly kept secret that we’ve been looking to run the event in Sydney for a while now, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Jan Stewart posted recently that Melbourne is a platform, something I couldn’t age with more. The magic of Melbourne is what helped create the momentum Trampoline now has, and to see that momentum spread to other parts of the planet would be amazing.

If you would like to see a Trampoline run in your city then we want to see you run one! Drop Pat an email at to get the process started. 

8 thoughts on “Trampoline, everywhere.

    1. Thanks Col and Jan for the kind words.

      I can’t take the credit for the photo: It was taken by the excellent Wade,
      who recently uploaded all his photos from the day to the flickr group.

      Trampoline Day Adelaide 2013

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