I just finished reading Euan’s awesome blog post on patience. It’s a short one, but a great one. Thanks for sharing, Euan, and prompting me to post this.


I’ve been thinking lately that all of the work we do is as great as the time we give it to become awesome. We must learn patient stewardship when working with our organizations and friends. 

I’ve recently felt the power of time in my work. I’ve noticed the people I work with, who you can follow on the @accessinclusion twitter list, are now amongst the people I consider my friends. I’ve noticed that, because of the respect and trust we share, it’s easier to have tough conversations and solve problems that would have seemed too hard a year ago. I’ve noticed that, with the benefit of time, all of the little things that we’ve been doing everyday for the past 18 months have added up into a rich an valuable artifact to use for future plans.

Ross Hill recently wrote in his letterly all about relentlessness, and especially how he’s inspired by people like @Rexster who keep pushing and pushing for great ideas and innovation. I think patience and relentlessness goes hand in hand and love the feeling I get when I feel the pulse of time stretching back through the things I’ve thought and done.

So when you’re next confronted with a problem or delay, thank your lucky stars that you have been given the chance to practice patience and lay a strong foundation for tomorrow’s relentless, grand, plans. It will all happen, if you let time work it’s wonders.

One thought on “Patience

  1. Good grief! Have you newbies not heard of the saying “patience is a virtue”. Now you know why.  

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