I'm joining Yammer

I’m a pretty lucky guy. Today, I’m happy to be able to post and let you all know that I’ve just signed on to work with Yammer here in Australia. I’ll get to work with the current two APAC Yammerati and two great friends, Ross Hill and Bryony Cole. Yay!

Yammer Bridge

I started playing with Yammer when it launched in 2008. I was at World Vision Australia at the time and Keith Don and I had some fun seeing how it worked. The platform has changed markedly since then, and it’s exciting to see a company so immensely redefining what it means to work and collaborate together in a changing world. I’m excited to come on board and continue making that change happen and look forward to helping people and organizations grow thriving cultures of compassionate action and innovation.

My role will be as a Customer Success Manager. Those of you that know me well will know I’ve always struggled a little to define myself and what I ‘do’. I’m really pleased to be able to better learn what that is with Yammer and can’t wait to get started. I’ll be helping people here in the Asia Pacific region transform their organisations and the way their people collaborate. We sometimes forget that organisations are collectives of people, pulled together to achieve a mission. Yammer is all about helping those collectives win. We’re also still hiring in the region, so check out the Yammer jobs page for more info.

I’ll continue to be based in Sydney and to live with the amazing Rose Levien in our cubby house in Darlinghurst. Thanks also to all the people I’ve coffee’d/skyped/phoned over the past weeks for your thoughts, ideas and sage advice. You all know who you are. I certainly am a lucky guy.

37 thoughts on “I'm joining Yammer

  1. congrats buddy. couldn’t think of anyone more fitting for the role – well done. now all we have to do is get you and the amazing Rose Levien to #comebacktomelbourne :p

  2. Congratulations, Steve!! Yammer has acquired a fantastic asset in you with your knowledge base and genuine enthusiasm for everything you do. I look forward to hearing all about your new work! 🙂

  3. That’s fantastic news Steve! I have to say it is your destiny to work for Yammer! I’m sure Yammer will become a better product with your passion for change and new ideas. 

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