I'm going to #railscampx

I’m pretty excited to be heading along to the famous Rails Camp again, which is on this weekend. It’s in Adelaide this time, in Piccadilly. I’m not much of a engineer, but I’m looking forward to once again trying to get my head around the aspects or writing code in Ruby. I haven’t managed to keep up the practice since last time; in fact I’m sorry to say that I haven’t really looked at too much code in the last 4 months. So, to get my head back into it, i’ll probably take a tutorial or two along and work towards getting something fairly simple ‘pushed’ again. Learn to code, indeed.

One other thing I’d like to work on would be finishing the application that manages the Inspire9 bookshelf. Nathan and I (and many others) got the backend of that working at the last camp, but it lacks a front end. Let me know if you’re keen to help me out on that in Adelaide – I’d love your help! 🙂

Finally, Yammer will be officially sponsoring various parts of the camp this year. Namely, the coffee (!) and the bus ride to camp. If you have any questions about the Yammer platform, or working for us, then I’ll be around to answer such questions all weekend. Come say hi!

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