Fun at #Railscamp, again

I spent the weekend Railscamp amongst a clan of engineers who write Ruby On Rails. It was a really enjoyable time and once again and I’d like to thank Sebastian, Keith and all the other people in the Ruby community who made it possible.


During the weekend, we worked on a few various coding projects like training virtual ants to be artificially intelligent and working again on the i9bookshelf application that we worked on at the last camp. Mainly, I watched along this time around as my coding skills have waned in the past four months or so. But it was great again to witness the talented folks at camp working in an autonomous and ‘hacker’ like way. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Chris and Railscamp

A big thanks to Richie, Nathan, Pat, the always helpful Pete Yandell and importantly Chris Darroch. Chris sat down for a couple of hours on the last night and coded up a shiny MVP design for our application which really made my night and also showed me a bit more about using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS skills in web design.


As you can see, the camp was held in the beautiful country location in the hills of Adelaide. That’s one of the things I find most beautiful about Railscamp. They get run in beautiful locations with stunning views and help to clear the head a little bit.


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