@roselevien's great post all about her 20km swim

As many of you know, I was in Perth this weekend just gone to support Rose in her challenge of swimming the Rottnest Channel. It was an immense journey and challenge that faced her, but I’m very pleased to report that she completed the 20km swim in 7 hours, 3 minutes. I’m immensely proud of her.


She’s written a great blog post detailing the day and how she found the swim. When I have the appropriate perspective, I’ll also write how my day proceeded and share the experience through my eyes. Her post is excellent – do go and give it a read.

With the #b03 blog every day of March challenge beginning tomorrow, this paragraph from her post resonated strongly with me.

“The biggest take out from this adventure of mine is the reminder that if you allow yourself to learn a habit, develop a discipline and maintain focus, then anything is possible….anything!”

Enjoy her post.

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