Invitation to join us at Yammer On Tour

A post with obvious work ties today, but I know many of you reading along are users and customers of Yammer and I wanted to ensure you’re across a great event we’ve got lined up in both Melbourne and Sydney later on this month. We’re holding Yammer On Tour in Sydney on March the 27th and Melbourne on March 29th.

Register here for Sydney

Register here for Melbourne

We’re going to be sharing a little more about the direction Yammer is headed (after we raised some more money yesterday) and will generally be around to chat about how you’re using the platform. Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to hear from our customers and how they’re using it; people like the awesome Andy Hedges, Annalie Killian, Luke McCormack and Joe Robens. We have such great customers, that we’ve really held the event just so you can hear from them and how they’re using Yammer.

Looking forward to seeing you there.