How do you use email?

Joe Robens posted something quite a while ago outlining how he uses email. I’m always a fan of these posts because it gives me an insight into how serious operators (like Joe) manage the flow of opportunities, collaboration and ‘stuff’ through their lives. I’m a fairly big fan of the GTD methodology myself and have worked hard over the last few years to get better and better at managing my inbox, but I must admit at times it gets away from me. This past 2 weeks has been no different.

Things at Yammer have been heating up as we approach our Yammer On Tour events, as well as a number of awesome things happening with our clients. I also took a few days out to watch Rose swim to Rottnest Island. All of that is a recipe for an overflowing inbox. My personal inbox is in a state of disrepair at the moment – something i’ll need to fix this weekend.

So, reading Joe’s advice I’ve taken a few extra little hints with me to manage the inflow. Here’s a few things I’m going to try.

1) First up, i’ll be removing _every_ notification message I can from my stream and placing it in a label. I’ve tried doing this before, but to no avail. I’ll go through my inbox today and try to remove the things I like to read, but add noise, into another place.

2) I really love the idea Joe raises of moving any message I’m CC’ed on into another label. This makes sense as he outlines it, but I wonder how many times people would email me with a CC and still be expecting a reply? It can’t hurt to give it a try. If you need a response from me, address your email TO me.

3) Likewise, If I need a response from someone I’ll now be placing their name in the ‘TO’ box.

That’s it really. What did you think of Joe’s post? How do you use email?

5 thoughts on “How do you use email?

  1. I sent Joe’s post out to my whole team as a “training and development” exercise. Great advice from Joe Bloggs.

    The other thing I did was I banned three letters. F, Y and I. My most hated TLA (three letter acronym). It’s lazy and it seeks to avoid responsibility. i.e. I told you about that so now it’s your issue

    1. Yeah, FYI is a funny one. Things that are FYI are, like Joe says, probably better suited to an enterprise social network or other digital medium.
      Glad you sent Joe’s post around, it’s a ripper!

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