Staying mindful when you're straining to get it all done

It’s been a really busy day for me the last few days. Busy in a good way. Work has consumed me, and that’s been ok. Sometimes this worries me, and it has at various times over the last few days, but I’ve reminded myself that it’s just part of the process of moving at velocity. As such, I’ve missed a few days of blogging (!), which disappointed me at first. Let me explain.

I’ve often spoken about being mindful and staying aware of your mind whilst you’re in the middle of a situation. I’m always working on getting better at this, because it’s something I think I’m not naturally very good at. I’ve often had anxious moments, often for hours or days at a time. Continued stress, in the traditional sense, often causes this.

But by stress, I want to instead talk about it being a consistant effort towards a particular goal. Defined in a more physical way, the word stress is used to point to a strain put on something in one particular direction. You may strain against a set of ropes, which causes them to become stressed. We are no different in work and life. We may strain to do the things that we do – in fact, we should be concerned if we’re NOT straining. When we strain against something, it means we’re probably pushing up against an edge that exists for ourselves. Chronic strain, however, is not a healthy thing for a human and this is where we begin to feel stress as we define it in a more mental health aspect.

So, I’ve been straining to deliver and understand things at work lately. And I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s still been something I’ve been very mindful of. I can feel myself changing tasks and the energy that drains from me. I’ve needed to keep my mind in the same place to get most out of it. And so, I decided to miss a couple of days of blogging because I could feel the amount of effort that would be involved in doing that and how that would add too much strain into my day.

But, as Nick Crocker says, missing a few days isn’t a bad thing when you’re building a habit. Just get back to it and in a beautiful way that’s probably what I’ve learnt most in the last 3 or 4 months that I’ve been working on blogging more. I know I can just pick it up back up again and get going.

So, to all those of you taking part in the #b03 this March and are worried you’ve missed a day, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you mark off your habit calendar tomorrow. 🙂

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