VoiceBunny.com allows you to record text quickly

I was going to post about something else tonight, but stumbled upon this great new service called VoiceBunny and wanted to share it.

VoiceBunny allows you to quickly source a voice recording for anything you need. It allows you to submit text to the site, and turn that around into a professional grade recording in either minutes/hours/days depending on your needs.

The most clever thing, though, is that they have allowed you to write to their API. I can’t wait to see more of these services, which help people access content on the internet in different ways, bubble up over the next few years. It’s going to be a big trend, especially as more diverse languages come to the net.

Having had a very quick look at their API, it looks like I could create a service that would allow me to submit my blog to be completely voice recorded, up to a dollar limit. So I could build a web service on top of VoiceBunny that would allow people to have their blogs turned into audio blogs, for redistribution. That’s cool. Now imagine if I could build a system on top of a language translation API that would translate my content instantly, or caption my video within in hours. That’s powerful. Continue that line of thought by thinking about plugging in something like Twilio, and it’s not unforeseeable that you could create yourself a virtual phone-menu for your small company by cobbling together retail web services.

It’s going to be an exciting future.

One thought on “VoiceBunny.com allows you to record text quickly

  1. Finding the idea was cool, but dissecting it and subsequently building on it  is what made this yet another great post, mate. I’m stoked you decided to write about VoiceBunny!

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