Awesome Soup is this Saturday, 2nd June. It will be awesome!

Next weekend, the Awesome Foundation Sydney will be running our June Board Meeting as an open event, where anybody else can come along and vote to decide who this months recipient will be. It’s a format we’re borrowing from the successful Sunday Soup model and something we’re doing in conjunction with the Vivid Sydney festival.

Here’s how the night will unfold

1) You’ll come along (tickets here, $30 is all it takes!)

2) We’ll serve up a delicious soup dinner. You’ll sit at a table with an Awesome Foundation board member, to give you some insight into how the board goes about selecting an awesome project to support each month.

3) There are 5 awesome ideas that we’ve shortlisted for you. Those 5 people will get up and pitch their awesome idea to the crowd.

4) Everybody votes on what they find the most awesome.

5) The votes are tallied and we select one project to receive the grant.

This will be a lot of fun and it’s something I’m really looking forward to. We’ve recently just announced the 5 awesome ideas that are on the shortlist. You can see them by heading to our Twitter page, @awesomefoundsyd..

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