Doing things you're interested in leads to wholeness

I’ve been discovering a few ideas lately which I thought I’d share here. One of the bigger ones is this video of Ken Wilbur, discussing his idea of devin pride. I haven’t ever really delved into Ken’s stuff like I have some other’s, but I look forward to investigating it further. Anyways, one of the key things Ken got me thinking about is the idea of wholeness and it’s importance to everything.

Essentially, being whole is what we are all striving for most of the time. It follows then that we are fearful when we can’t see how to be whole in any given situation. And this fear, then, continues to make us contemplate whether what we were striving for was the right thing in the first place. So how do you stay on the path to finding wholeness?

I would like to suggest that it’s doing things, most of the time, that interest you. In that video above Ken thanks the audience a number of times for just showing up, because that indicates to him that they are the right people for him to be talking to in that moment. In the same way, working for a company or having a role that interests you is the most paramount thing we can all focus on achieving right now, to achieve some level of wholeness. We spend so many of our waking hours doing this thing called work. When we get to do something we’re interested and share that experience wholly with others then this leads to the creation of a magical environment to continue growing.

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