I’m moving to San Francisco

It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was writing this article telling you all that I was moving to Sydney. Now, just a short four years or so since then, I’m writing again to tell you that I’m moving to San Francisco!

I’m moving to take a new role with Yammer, as the Business Manager for Yammer Engineering. About 6-7 months ago, I had one of the best experiences of my career when we had Adam Pisoni, the Co-Founder of Yammer visit us in Australia and New Zealand. It was a whirlwind trip where we met with executives, customers, audiences and ‘Yammer’ people in general and from then on I’d been thinking about how to create experiences like that for our community of change makers and world shakers. Such a role opened up not too long after that and I was successful in my application for it – so here we are! In the role, I’ll get the chance to work directly with Adam and the team on things spanning Yammer product strategy, operations, strategic customer dealings and continuing to help with the Responsive Organisation movement. It’s a terrific opportunity and I’m very thankful to Adam and the team for allowing me the chance to take it.

Yammer (and Twitter) Office

Life looks a lot different than it did four years ago. I’m incredibly lucky to now be married to the amazing Rose Levien and to be sharing this with her. We’ll continue to put arm-over-arm and keep enjoying this adventure called life as much as we can. We’ve got a lot to look forward to in San Francisco, not the least of which is continuing to raise our little girl, Edith! We can’t wait to get over there and begin nesting again and building a home for ourselves. Whilst moving away from my family in Melbourne will be tough, we’re heartened by the fact we’re now a whole 14 hours closer to Rose’s family in London!

Rose and Steve in Love - Getting Hitched Low Resolution - www.bellazanesco.com-70

Thank you to everyone who has made our stay here in Sydney so warm, welcoming and just plain good. We’ve loved every minute we’ve been here and to be honest, until I applied for the job, we were beginning to find ourselves wondering if we’d ever leave. It’s an incredible place, Sydney. It’s the kind of place that really grows on you with time and allows you to be who you are. The physical beauty of the place is hard to compare to anywhere else and the space that provides is pretty special. We’ll certainly miss it, but look forward to coming back here to visit as much as we can. Finally, thank you to the Yammer team around the world. It’s been such a special place to call home these last few years and I’m so proud to keep calling it home. For the local team here in Australia, you all know how special you are. Please know how thankful I’ve been to have shared that time with you. Thank you.

We’ll be flying out to San Francisco, from Melbourne, around the 10th of April.

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