From Vision Drive to Corporate Drive

Recently, my life journey has taken me to some amazing places – including helping to set up, working at World Vision Australia generally and taking part in some pretty alive communities such as Start Up Camp Melbourne, Melbourne Jelly (intermittently, but I aim to make it a more common thing), The Hive and serving on the Marketing Sub-Committee of a great little Mental Health service provider in the Southern Region, Reach Out Southern Mental Health. But, it has come time to move on in one major aspect of my life so far which bares special mention.

 I have moved on from World Vision Australia and am now working at South East Water Limited. Or, more poetically, I have moved from working at 1 Vision Drive, Burwood East to 20 Corporate Drive, Heatherton.


I feel amazingly privileged to have worked alongside the amazing people at World Vision these past 18 months or so, and I have learned an incredible amount about myself, the International Humanitarian and Aid Industry and grass roots activism. But, I felt it was time to move on and learn some new things, and what better place to continue to cut my teeth than in the Water Industry. These sure are interesting times.

I look forward to my new role with great interest and anticipation, working in the Innovations Unit at SEWL looking to help our organisation ideate and create new business ventures which help further reduce our water consumption as well as drive revenue to continue investments in alternative water technologies. As always, I’ll be looking to see how we need to change as an organisation and hopefully getting up behind a flywheel again to help create momentum and drive a more sustainable future. I will also be continuing as co-editor of the Learn About Poverty blog with my good friends Nigel Preston and Joely Wilkenson-Hayes. World Vision has certainly awoken in me a sense of what is left to be done in the world, and through the blog I hope to contribute in some small way to better uncovering what is happening and what we can do together to make a difference.

As always, I hope you’ll join with me for the ride. Thanks for your support and contribution to my work so far, it has certainly made a difference in my life. Scanning back through my blog posts today in a moment of reflection I was reminded of the amazing comments, insights and thoughts you have shared with me this past year of so since I have been blogging. I look forward to hearing from, and meeting, more of you as this journey through our squiggly reality continues.

Cheers and thanks,

Steve Hopkins

Help…I need somebody (to assist with s**m

Yes, the vicious ‘S’ word. This blog, my bastion of thoughts and ideas, is being spammed daily. At this stage, I am moderating these comments out – the only post to attract such troubles was the biomimicry post that went up a few of weeks ago. The one that talked about ‘sour grapes’ and the Battle of Bosworth brand.

 Any hints as to why this might be happening, to ONLY this post? Many thanks to any able to shed some light on this situation.

Documents so far..think free or something else?

I thought I might open this one up…I had an email from Ross (so far, commenter #1!) outlining that whilst the site was alright, Scribd might be a better and more social, web2.0 option for sharing docs. Looking at their site, they seem to have better intentions, namely creating the worlds largest open source library of docs (very google!).

Does anyone know of any other sites out there that can log and store docs, and provide easy access for people following links?