Dopplr = Interesting concept, but not for hobbits

So, Ross very kindly invited me to Dopplr the other day, which allowed me to have a little looksey at what the concept was for the new venture. I quickly came to the conclusion that I like the concept, and think it has the potential to further let people gain access to an organizations staff and brand. Basically, it allows you to log where you are going to be in the world, and at what times. If you have other friends who travel quite a bit, it allows you to compare schedules and hook up with them in foreign places.

Very cool…but not for hobbits such as myself.

It looks like they have opened up the API, so hopefully we’ll begin to see some orgs use it to map their travelers and possibly give people the chance to further interact with the people normally ‘behind the curtain.’ Or, Imagine being able to follow your new pair of shoes or T-Shirt around the world as it was made…

Early thoughts. Any more? If you want an invite, leave me a comment or fling me an email and I’ll hook you up with the good stuff 😉

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