What I'm Reading: Biomimcry – innovation inspired by nature

Thought I’d use this space to chat briefly about what I am reading at the moment. A book called Biomimicry…


The book is excellent so far (I’m about half way through) and provides some really interesting insights into how we could take a better cue from nature about they way we go about things. What is interesting to consider is the apparent wisdom of the human race, in all that we have achieved so far. We pride ourselves on our ability to farm, to produce things, to do it better and cheaper and make our markets more efficient.   However, when we stop to think, the creatures and plants that we now treat as superfluous in many of these efforts have actually been through similar processes…for thousands if not milions of years.

Photosynthesis is simply a manufacturing procedure, refined after millions of years of evolution. Our current energy  creation methods pale in comparison. Us humans still can’t even fathom how plants…EVERY plant, undergoes photosynthesis, producing energy from sunlight, CO2 and water. The humble flower makes every oil company look like lumbering cavemen, still enjoying the glow of their first flame.

I have made fire!

 The book looks at how we can take important lessons from this evolution that has taken place, for our own good. I’m going to share a few of the examples from the book as I continue reading it, to share some of the thoughts behind the book. So far, it’s a ripper.

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