Thoughts from Trampoline.

Trampoline 3 was held this weekend, and I thought I’d share a few of the threads that really came home to roost for me during the day. I feel like trampoline helps me quickly grok concepts I’ve often wondered about as I listen and bounce thoughts off others in sessions. It exposes me to things I have no idea about.

Trampoline 3 (un)conference Melbourne, 2010-05-02 from Andy Gelme on Vimeo.

Some highlights for me yesterday were:

  • Rachel discussed technology in aged care, and raised some great points. One of which, was our obsession with ‘youth marketing’ – We now have Children, Tweens, Teens, Young adults and Gen Y. But then, when we get to older people, we simply say “+55!!!”. The average life expectancy in Australia is around 80 now…that leaves a large amount of people unaccounted for in our segmentation.
  • I enjoyed discussing the idea of wisdom, and found it to be a growing topic of interest. Thinking about the use of intuition in decision making is also something that was discussed, which I look forward to thinking and chatting more about.
  • Autism is an incredibly more complex topic than I could have ever imagined, and a prejudice I had without understanding why. Thanks to Daniel for the eye-opening conversation we shared in the ballroom in the afternoon.
  • Touch screen technology is fascinating, and I’m intrigued by the idea of these “horrible abstractions” (keyboards and mice) that we’ve all made do with since the birth of computers. Thanks to Keith and Cris for sharing their thoughts and ideas.
  • I’m so proud of Mum for sharing story of her illness for the first time in public.
  • The drumming and beat-boxing lightning sessions at the end really demonstrated to me the idea of inclusion. Every single audience member was only a single unit of a larger whole – in this case a drummer or a beat-boxer. Inclusiveness is upon us. Thanks to Michael and Jared for their creative conducting.

If you couldn’t make the day, check out the photos on the Flickr group, the videos on the Vimeo channel and the tweet stream on Twitter (before it disappears!). Finally, see the Google Group page for the names, contact details and topics discussed yesterday.

A huge thanks to the sponsors that helped make it happen on the day – Donkey Wheel, NodecityPollenizer and Web Directions.  

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