Being content.

Being content has been a strong topic of thought for me this week, following on from the post last week about being wise. There seems to be a real desire in society not to settle, or be content with ones situation. How often have you heard someone deride another because they settled, or took second best.

Yet in the conversations that have taken place since last week, the discussion has always come back to a place where wisdom stems from someone being content with themselves and their situation in life. It certainly came up in our discussion on Wisdom 2.0 at Trampoline.

Steve Hopkins: Wisdom 2.0 from Trampoline Melbourne on Vimeo.

Why the disconnect? Are you in the perfect job? Perfect relationship? Perfect house? Why not? Do they exist? How can we all practice being content with ourselves in the current moment, rather than continuing to hold frustrations, judgements and thoughts about past or future events?

Over the coming days, observe your thoughts and your language. Is your ego withholding information? Placing yourself on a pedestal where perhaps it’s unnecessary? Is it frustrated by others lack of understanding but their desire to speak anyway?

Chances are, these thoughts are getting in the way of being content, and ultimately being mindful and present. Be the observer – realise that actually nothing is really ‘known’ and learn to accept being content with that.

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