Do your people lobby for what is right?

There’s a great piece on Google Think Quaterly; an interview with Oxfam CEO Barbara Stocking. This paragraph stood out for me.

“…everybody is very committed to the cause. That makes them quite an interesting bunch to manage, particularly in Oxfam where we don’t pay much; people are here because they want to do something about poverty. They have quite specific ideas and corralling them so they work to corporate objectives is an interesting challenge. Quite often people don’t come to me to discuss the pros and cons; they come to lobby me heavily about what they think is right.”

I quite love the idea that people don’t go to her to discuss the simple pro’s and con’s – they go to her to lobby for what is right. It’s a positive form of dissent, which Yammer CEO David Sacks also discusses in this great article in the New York Times. Brilliant.

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