Solve the little problems first

There’s an interesting thread going on over at Hackernews at the moment. It’s titled, ‘As a freelancer, how much do you bill per hour?’ What’s great about Hacker News threads like this one, though, is that it has +190 comments on it with lots to take away from people who are experienced and good at what they do. If you’ve ever struggled with the question ‘how much am I worth?’ then check it out. I especially liked this, from j45:

“High Impact Consulting – This book taught me to only do tiny but really painful items for new customers to build momentum. By getting short term, high impact/pain point items out of the way, it clears the table to say “This consultant has learnt my business and why we do things the way we do”. Big projects land themselves. I call it dating before I get married.”

Working on solving ‘little’ problems internally first can be a great way to prove out the value of your approach. Often, the ‘little’ problems once solved are often the ones that create the most positive change in a companies culture. It’s something I hadn’t heard put so well before and something i’ll mull over for the next few weeks or so.

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