Rose is swimming to Rottnest Island!

Today, as you probably are aware, is valentines day. And so I thought it was a relevant day to share with you all what my amazing partner Rose is about to attempt.

Next week, on Saturday the 25th of February, Rose will be swimming from Cottesloe Beach (in Perth) to Rottnest Island. That’s a pretty incredible 19.7km swim. She’ll be swimming through jellyfish, surf and ocean conditions to get across the channel. I’m very proud of her. I think it’s an incredible, incredible challenge and whilst I’m nervous for her I know she’s done all the training and preparation needed to be ready for what the swim throws her way. She’s also been blogging about it all!


As if that wasn’t enough, Rose has also decided to raise money through Team World Vision, with funds going to World Visions Multiplying Gift Appeal. She’s only $175 from reaching her target. Please consider donating. Here’s Rose in her own words describing it all:

I would like you to join me on this challenge by showing your support through a donation to World Vision Australia. For every dollar I raise, $10 worth of FOOD AID and relief essentials can be delivered to children and families around the world who are living on the extreme edge of poverty. This is my way to help make a difference and if I can save the life of just one child in doing this, I will be a VERY proud swimmer.

It’s been an amazing thing seeing her train and sacrifice so much to get her body ready for this challenge. The 6am squad swims and weekend ocean swims have been tough but she’s always managed to stay positive and energetic about the task in front of her.

I’ll be on the boat with Rose’s parents, who are meeting us in Perth, as she swims across. It’s also the first time our parents will meet each other, so there’s extra reasons to be looking forward to the event. We’ll be heading across this coming Wednesday and are very much looking forward to the experience. You can read more about the whole crew involved in her post about it.

Thank you Rose for always inspiring me and demonstrating through your own strong will just what is possible in this life. I’m forever grateful.

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