Being open, more creative and courageous

There’s a great FastCompany article out at the moment all about Jack Dorsey and Square. It’s a fantastic read because it goes into a bit more depth than normal about Dorsey and how he came to set up Square. It also touches on the different things that happen at Square to help keep the culture brimming with remarkable things. Andy Hedges shared it with me earlier today and I thought it was so good I’d share it here for everyone.

My favourite quotes:

“Everything we do is about getting people to be more open, more creative, more courageous,”

“Money is something that touches every single human on this planet, and at some point, every single human feels bad about it.”

“All my days are themed. Monday is management. At Square we have a directional meeting, at Twitter we have our opcomm [operating committee] meeting. Tuesday is product, engineering, and design. Wednesday is marketing, growth, and communications. Thursday is partnership and developers. Friday is company and culture. It works in 24-hour blocks. On days beginning with T, I start at Twitter in the morning, then go to Square in the afternoon. Sundays are for strategy, and I do a lot of job interviews. Saturday is a day off.” He is not kidding about any of this, and I’m pretty sure he also works on Saturdays; he does offer a wry smile to allow that he knows this might be a little nuts. “Actually,” he says, “the word I’d use is disciplined.”

Another teen job found him working for engineer Jim McKelvey, who is also a talented glass artist. McKelvey once “lost a $2,000 sale because he couldn’t take credit cards,” Dorsey says. McKelvey became Dorsey’s cofounder at Square, and “we made the solution he needed.”

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