Sherpaa: An interesting medical company

There’s a new service, Sherpaa, that someone forwarded to me during the week. My apologies but I forget where I saw it. Anyways, either way it’s an interesting business. It’s essentially a digital medical service for people that don’t, or can’t, visit a doctor but who have something they want to get checked.


It seems a brilliant first iteration of a simple business model. They have a few doctors of note that have signed up to support the service, and the profile them on the site. They then help people make sense of how they can use them by offering a few examples. It’s a one page website. Brilliant.

Finally, they sell direct to companies rather than appealing directly consumer. This was the final point that made me really respect what the guys at Sherpaa are doing. Running this kind of business model direct to consumer would be tough going in the first instance. Having companies foot the bill and thus provide a great perk to their staff members is genius.

I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

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