Announcing the Awesome Foundation Sydney partnership with Pozible

The Awesome Foundation is going to be partnering with Australian Crowd Funding website Pozible from now on. This evening I attended the excellent event Let’s Talk Crowd Funding, put on by the guys from Pozible Rick and Alan to announce the new partnership here in Sydney.


Our awesome brothers and sisters in Melbourne have already announced a partnership with Pozible, and we thought that was pretty awesome. So we did it too!

The way it works is like this:

Have your Pozible Campaign considered for an Awesome Foundation Sydney grant

1) When you run a campaign through Pozible, as you are creating your brief you’ll be given the option to tick a box that says “I would like to be considered for the next available Awesome Foundation grant.” You can see a screenshot, which I’ve edited a little bit, below. 🙂


2) Simply tick that box and your Pozible campaign will then be in the mix to receive the Awesome Foundation grant for that month!

If you’re an Awesome Foundation grant recipient, why not raise more money on Pozible?

Many of the applications we get, including those that are successful, are the beginning of something very awesome. So to further encourage this, Awesome Foundation grant recipients can create a campaign on Pozible to further raise awareness and money for their awesome project.

We’ll help you work through this if (when!) you’ve received an Awesome Foundation Sydney grant.

And that’s it! Thanks to Rick and Alan at Pozible for helping to make it all happen so easily and our awesome friends in Melbourne for the sweet hookup!

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