Peter Thiel on the freedom to leave

I watched a video interview with Peter Thiel today, which you can see below. Peter was the founder of PayPal and the first investor in Facebook. He’s also someone very keen on studying society and philosophy, which is what this video touches on in an interesting way.

One topic of conversation I found most interesting was the discussion around why giving people the freedom to leave something actually helps that thing be better. With the knowledge that people can leave a system, comes the recognition that they are choosing to stay.

“The freedom to leave is one of the most fundamental freedoms.”

Further to this, our ‘right of exit’ has greatly expanded as a people in the past 50-60 years, which is an undercurrent to many of the systems Peter has been involved in building. As an example, PayPal provided a way to exit the troubles of transacting and transferring money on the internet.