Achieving peak performance by pushing your edge

It’s been a busy day. It’s 11:40pm here in Brisbane as I write this and Ross and I have been spending the day meeting and working with some of our clients here. It’s been great fun and we’ve learnt a lot from the experience, as we always do. The sheer velocity of the workload of the moment is something we’ve discussed and something I’ll chat about in a future post.

So for today, I’d like to share the thoughts of Dr Lex Bertrand and how he coaches olympic athletes to achieve peak performance. You can read the full article here.

“…I simply want to gain the satisfaction of seeing people achieve at levels beyond contemporary expectation.

Of taking the sport of sailing to new and previously unimaginable heights.
You see, I ask them to step out of the framework of the norm, and jump into the realm of the astounding.

Yes, I do ask my students to sail backwards.

I’m very kind – I let them use the rudder for the first few times until they get the hang of it …

The concept of sailing backwards is anathema to many old salts. With the general configuration of a boat and its sails, it really should not be achievable.”

This is old content – it’s been around since the Mindful event last year, but my thoughts often come back to it. How are we training for peak and epic performance? How do we translate the idea of sailing backwards into our modern, every day life? What are we training for?


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